I'm Shanae Jones, an herbalist, filmmaker, and entrepreneur. A very busy woman, but dedicated to improving the condition of Black people. All of my work is rooted in a desire to uplift the Black mind and work collaboratively with other Black men and women to control our art. If you have any questions about any of the work I do, I can be reached at shanae@yeahimshanae.com or on Instagram.

On November 22, I will be launching my online tea company, Ivy's Tea Co., an urban herbal tea line. The goal is to reclaim herbalism as a principle of the African diaspora and its people. A blog also accompanies the teas, aimed at educating Black people, especially our millennials, about the importance of reducing chemical dependency and learning more about the remedies and herbs used by our ancestors.

I have just wrapped pre-production on my first documentary titled Heavy Hitters, a film about Black men who battle rap in the DC area. The film is a visual stream of consciousness that aims to sensitively redefine the image of the Black man from his perspective. 

I am also the Co-founder of UNITV, an online platform for Black content creators, designed to give them an online space to frame the Black narrative in their own terms.

Work harder. Win more.
— DJ Khaled